Monday, May 3, 2010

Hawks Looking for a 180 in Game 2 Against Vancouver

Blackhawks Needing a 180 in Game 2 Against the Vancouver Canucks
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Chicago Blackhawks host the Vancouver Canucks tonight at the United Center for Game 2 of the conference semi-finals. The Blackhawks are behind in the series 0-1 after falling to the dominating hands of Vancouver Saturday night by a score of 1-5. Blackhawks who were a projected to win the Stanley Cup this year just under the Washington Capitals, who suffered the biggest upset of the post-season as Montreal sent them packing after a 4-3 series win, are not playing like projected Cup champs.

After the crushing defeat Saturday night coach Quenneville stated the Hawks, "can't be happy at all" and "need a response," a response is an understatement, the Hawks need to be revived. The Hawks outshot the Canucks 37-28 but that doesn't help when you have 10 give aways and fewer take aways than your opponents it's not going to be a good outcome. Kane tried to explain the disappointing performance saying, "Came in, thought it would be an easier series," but I don't know what the Hawk's were expecting while the media was hyping this re-match up and just allowing Vancouver's blood to keep boiling for revenge.

Kane showed some anger in a post-game interview, "It's not like were trying to lose game 1, but it was hard to tell," well, the Hawks had all of Chicago saying the same thing last Saturday, "it was hard to tell."

Niemi faced 25 shots on goal and allowed 5 past in the first 40 minutes. Huet started the 3rd period and only faced 3 shots denying all 3. Q-stache said in regards to Niemi's performance, "I'm not blaming goal tending at all, they had a lot of dirt, lot of second chances," even though the entire effort from the Blackhawks sucked, I do believe it is part of the goalie's responsibilities to prevent second opportunities.

The only good thing about Niemi getting destroyed in game 1, is that if history truly repeats it's self, Niemi will have a game 2 shut out. Here's hoping!

Another area to watch tonight is the role of Byfuglien entering in to tonight's game. There is a rumor going around the web that Burish will start at forward and Byfuglien will be back on D. Byfuglien says that this is not true and he will be back on forward "frustrating Luongo," so we will see.

Tonight's game starts at 8:00 CST, so throw on your favorite jersey, grab a Miller lite, and join in the chorus, "Let's Go Hawks!" My name is ChiN8 and I want to thank you for following Windy City Sportz.

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